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Collant leak?

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Noticed a tiny bit of coolant on my garage floor the other day, could not see where it was coming from, so proceeded to top off the coolant reservoir.
few days later fund a lot more coolant on the floor.
I thought I found the leak coming from the upper hose, although it's been a week and have not seen any coolant on the garage floor again.
then i noticed this little hole on what Hyundai calls the CONTROL ASSY-COOLANT (P/N 256003C100), right under where the upper hose connect.
I tried to look it up but couldnt find anyhting online that says this little hole is normal.
Now I start to wonder if the look is not coming from that hole. It is defintely coming from that side, and there was some coolant sitting there.
I am attaching a picture, maybe someone can let me know if this ho is normal. Maybe I am missing a plug??


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anyone alive on this forum???
I had the exact same problem on my 07 3.3, I thought it was going from the thermostat housing, where the upper hose goes to, but it was actually the hose itself, the hose had gone weak under the hose clamp, changed the hose and hose clamp type, no more leak
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