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That panel job no way it'd pass my OCD test. Ha ha. It looks like crap too (no offense intended), but I can see where you're coming from, because once you scuff the plastic, there's no way to remove it, unfortunately. I personally take excellent care of my vehicles, so no need to do any of that. The problem is when you need to take vehicle to a freaking dealer, or any other place. People don't care, so they always kick the door panels, door sill, and sometimes even the freaking lower dash. Geez. So when I need to take a vehicle in for something (which I REALLY HATE), I just tape the crap out everything with masking tape, cover the seat, steering wheel, fob (yes, they always drop them. Ha ha), and hope for the best. I'd say that's the preferred option for those who cannot stomach to look at that shiny, wrinkly tape. Ha ha. But you did a great job for the majority of people:p. By the way, I always try to buy my vehicles without anybody touching them, but most of the times, just the monkeys driving the vehicles off the trucks are enough to damage plastic. Fortunately, both the '22 SF and '23 G70 were almost pristine, even though dealer removed the interior protection against my orders. I always like to remove everything myself, and I wash them too, since dealers scratch the crap out of them, for some reason. And I'm not picky with washing. But want my vehicles free from dings, scratches, scuffs, dents, rash, etc. Inside I always like to have them immaculate though, and appears you're that way too:).
1 - 1 of 4 Posts