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Hi All
This morning when I stopped at a junction and went to move off I had no response at all when I put my foot on the accelerator. I've a 2007 santa fe automatic. I put it into park then into drive about 7 times before I got some response from the accelerator pedal. Took it to my garage who couldn't find a problem - does anyone have any ideas as it's not done it again all day.
Many thanks

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NHTSA Reference #10027907
TSB Reference #TSB-08-ST-003

ALSO an FYI on your vehicle:

Recent 2007 Santa Fe Investigations

STOP LAMP SWITCH FAILURE Defect Investigation for the 2007 Santa Fe

  • Investigation #PE09003
  • Opened January 14 2009.
  • Status RECALL »
Vehicle Component: Power Train:Automatic Transmission:Lever And Linkage:Column Shift*
Summary: By letter dated April 15, 2009, Hyundai notified the Agency that it will conduct a safety recall (NHTSA recall number 09V122) to replace the stop lamp switches on many of its model year 2005-2008 vehicles.see recall 09V122 for a complete list. The Agency opened its investigation based on five complaints of stop lamp failure across several 2007 Hyundai models. The Agency also received early warning (EWR) reports on this issue.most of those failures were traced to the improper operation of the stop lamp switch that controls stop lamp illumination.a malfunctioning stop lamp switch can cause the vehicle's brake lights not to light during braking, or alternatively, it can cause the brake lights to stay lit even when a driver takes the foot off the brake pedal. Failure of the stop lamps to illuminate properly creates the hazard of rear end collisions when drivers following the subject vehicle do not recognize that the vehicle is slowing or stopping. Hyundai reported one crash incident (a frontal impact), without injury, that was alleged to have been caused by this defect.the Agency reviewed the incident and cannot conclude that it is related to this defect. There are other potential problems related to failure of the stop lamp switch: Failure of the cruise control to disengage, interference with proper functioning of antilock brakes and electronic stability control, and inability to move the gear shift lever out of park position.based on the above safety recall, this investigation is closed.
More Details: For detailed information & supporting documents, see the official NHTSA page concerning investigation #PE09003 »
Status of Investigation: This investigation was closed on April 24 2009 and there was a recall ordered: #09V122000
* This defect investigation is filed under 10 related vehicle components.
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