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First post as the vehicle has been good to us so far...…

The wife went to get in her 2012 Santa Fe and when she opened the door and tried to start it, she got this sound

Go to Sitkaspruce10 on youtube and look for the Image 2322 video.

(I would post the link but I don't have time to post 5 times just so I can use the link.)

It will not start, the sound stops when the key is turned to the run position, but goes back when you turn the key off and remove it. I disconnected the battery and have left it over night.

Any ideas? The dealer is a long way away, so made arrangement to get it towed to a local shop on Monday

Vehicle is a 2012 Santa Fe Sport V6 AWD with 55000 km.



1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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