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Can't remove brake stud/pin from the knuckle

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I have 2007 Santa Fe, and wanted to replace shocks and struts myself. Afterall, those youtubers were doing them in 5 minutes.
I was able to do front struts, but having an issue with struts. I could not remove the shocks easily, so ended up pulling the shock out, but it left the metal contact part on the stud. Over time, I guess metal contact part from the shock basically fused against the shock stud. I ended up ordering the new shock stud (or shock pin as they call it, 55171 2B000), then cut the pin trying to remove it from the steering knuckle. But I can't. That part seems to be stuck as well. I tried to drill through it (cobalt drill bit, does not go through), lots of penetrant, but nothing works. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can remove this stuck stud? Or am I supposed to replace the entire knuckle part at this point? If so, is there an instruction on how to do that, or am I SOL and now need to call the towing company to the mechanic? :(

Thank you.

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Cross sectionof the stud on knuckle. You can see that stud and metal bushing part is basically fused as well, preventing me from removing it cleanly, and I ended up having to cut it.

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After sanding and cutting, finally got that shock metal bushing part out, but the stud is still stuck inside the knuckle.

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Just to show you what the cut stud looks like. Still that circle part indicates the border between the stud and the shock bushing part, but they are basically fused.
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Have the new shock pin if I can ever get that stuck stud out of the knuckle.
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You may have to put some heat to it. Oxy/Acet with a rosebud tip, or just a 1/0 tip, neutral flame. Just heat the outside piece. Get ready to hit it with a 2lb maul or air chisel.
You can give it a try. If you have the torch, get a bottle of Mapp-pro and go for it.
It is also great for searing steaks, so it won’t be a waste. Lol
Let us know how it goes.
Wanted to give an update. I bought map-pro map-pro hoping it would work. It.. did not. At that point, I finally gave up and took it to the local mechanic. They were super friendly in explaining me everything afterwards. They basically had to use the torch you mentioned, but it additionally took bunch of tools I do not have such as air hammer, air chisel, etc., and two people to remove the stud, and to put in the new one. Apparently it was really seized in there. The other side took lot of effort too, cutting, air whatever tools etc.
Lesson learnt: price was very reasonable too, so, next time, in 15 years, if this thing does not come out easily on the first try, instead of spending 4 weeks trying various things, I'm just taking it to the shop. I'm just going to stick to oil, brake and maybe front struts change.
Now, at least my wife is excited about making brulee with the torch I bought. :ROFLMAO:
Thank you!
Excellent. Glad you got it fixed. Yea, seized components need a bit more heat and effort to separate.
“Honey, look what I got for you. A Creme Brûlée torch”. Yea baby. Lol
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