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Canada 2023 order notification and wait times HEV and PHEV

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I placed an order for a Santa Fe luxury PHEV January 17, 2022. Unfortunately I was informed the portal closed for 2022 orders on January 6, 2022 - so I was told. April of 2022 the portal opened to place orders for some 2023 ICE vehicles but not HEV and PHEV.

Now the latest information I’ve been told is the order portal should open in May…sometime…with order confirmation notifications going out to customers in June.

Getting a complete picture has been a pain involving reading many other forums and speaking with multiple dealerships to cross reference who is telling mostly truth and who is saying most anything to get a preorder sale.

What I did learn is that Canadian orders are allegedly queued by original date and time they were initially placed by the customer. One should not be worried that other customers/dealerships could be jumping the queue ahead of you. I worried that someone who ordered much later could jump ahead of me if another dealership entered their order before mine in what I thought was a free for all when the portal opens,

Not so. I was assured that Hyundai Canada contacts the dealerships and requests the orders to date for specific vehicles. After a window of time the orders are sorted by initial order date and then further queued by what can be built according to availability/option combinations. You can establish your order date by your preorder payment receipt or, if the dealership actually gave it to you, a copy of the preorder paperwork.

Note the 8 to 12 month estimates for Hyundai PHEV vehicles begins from when Hyundai Korea actually gets the order…not when you preordered.

It would be good if members would note their preorder date, vehicle details and if/when official production order confirmation details.

I’m thinking I’m lucky if I get my new Santa Fe PHEV for Christmas but most likely the Easter bunny will bring it in 2023.
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Some 2022 Canadian orders have had their deliveries pushed to September and maybe even longer. When will they start producing 2023s?

I am hearing the 2023 will get the larger screen and some slightly different tones of paint.
A larger screen would be nice. Where did you pick up that nugget? Automatic folding mirrors too . I don't think the PHEV Santa Fe has those.

It's an information puzzle. A bit of this and a bit of that from many Hyundai forums, models and dealers.. Wait times (shortest to longest) are ICE, HEV, PHEV and finally BEV. Allegedly Hyundai may also be prioritizing vehicles that are a) more profitable b) can be delivered more reliably c) have the parts in the supply chain, etc.

As far as other vehicles I've read concerned comments dealerships may be experiencing reduced allocations for the MY22 IONIQ orders. This, combined with my own dealer showing me a binder of 2023 orders AND 2024 orders piling up waiting to go into the system seems to support that. He said that 2023 IONIQ orders are completely gone. Other forum rumors seems to indicate that customers who placed pre-orders for 2023 IONIQs may be getting contacted to say that they are being pushed to 2024 (Which means late 2024 early 2025 delivery). Everything has a domino effect.

Rumor has it 2023 Tuscon orders are also closed but, perhaps, re-opening later in the calendar year.

Canada seems less of a priority for vehicle delivery allocation than the US and it appears that Hyundai is putting more emphasis on provinces that have more significant green mandates/rebates. (if you put stock in forum rumors)

A far as my own Santa Fe PHEV pre-order a salesperson asked me "When did you order?" I said January 17 and his response was "Oh you're golden". Then my salesperson said "you'll get an email in June." Does what is unsaid make someone pause to think that 2023 pre-orders for some Santa Fe models are all gone?

Do I 100% believe timelines? Do I 100% believe that my pre-order will even become a 2023 order? I will believe it when I have an order confirmation and my new SUV. So that means I will have waited 6 months JUST to see if my order went into the system and probably another 12 months after that before I even get it.

I know I don't want to be pushed to a Santa Fe 2024 model because that is rumored to be a full redesign again. The Santa Fe will allegedly grow from mid-size SUV (so it won't compete with the Tuscon) to a large sized SUV but that pushes it right up against the Palisade. There's A Massive Change Coming For Next-Gen Hyundai Santa Fe

We can only go by snippets of comments/rumors. I haven't seen any indication of anyone getting any confirmation that their 2023 Santa Fe HEV or PHEV order is going into production.

Let the gouging begin....I see on FB Marketplace for the Vancouver area that there are 2022 HEV and PHEV models (Tuscon and Santa Fe) but those are at MSRP with another $5,000 or so of dealer add-ons. I've also seen a used 2022 Hyundai Tuscon HEV with 6,000 km on it listed for $64,499...since it is used there are no rebates. yikes...only $20000 over retail
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The larger screen comes from a 2023 Santa FE Product Guide that a salesman forwarded to me. I haven't been through all the PHEV specs, but there maybe some more additions in there as well
thank you for the product guide. I think that it may not be 100% accurate for the Canadian market. Just to double check I compared the 2022 Canadian Santa Fe product guide specs and that guide appeared to have discrepancies between what was in the brochure versus the actual vehicle. The 2022 Canadian Santa Fe PHEV model has the Hartman kardon sound system but the 2023 brochure states it only comes with the calligraphy gas model.

we will see once someone actually has the 2023 Canadian model.
I thought the Harmon Kardon sound system was only in the 2022 Santa Fe Ultimate Calligraphy and not the PHEV?
The Hyundai Canada specs don't list it as part of the Luxury PHEV.
You are correct. One of the reviews I looked at (Zack Spencer of Motormouth here in Vancouver) inserted a shot of the 10" Harman Kardan screen alongside the 8". That threw me off and my test drive was 4 months ago. It appears that the PHEV Luxury Hybrid doesn't get power folding mirrors either which I'm bummed about. I wonder if the upgrade to the 10.25" infotainment system means that you don't get wireless apple carplay and android auto. Allegedly the 10.25" screen in the US is plug in only.

EDIT: it appears from the brochure that only the 8” infotainment system has wireless CarPlay and android auto.

You also only get park assist on the Calligraphy model and not the "Luxury" PHEV. I figured a vehicle with the "Luxury" moniker best come with all the bells and whistles but I guess not.

So it seems the options pretty much remain the same 2022 vs 2023 except for the bigger infotainment screen. It also looks like some very subtle exterior body panel tweaks may be evident and some powertrain enhancements/tweaks as well. No new color options for HEV/PHEV though. I might see if I can change my interior color choice to beige instead of black. I ordered a Pearl White exterior - I had an all black vehicle prior and while it looked nice it showed dust/rain marks/dirt so much faster.

I prefer the look of the 20" wheels on the Calligraphy though. If gas wasn't two dollars and 27 cents a freakin' litre and climbing then I might have considered the Calligraphy ($6.50 US a gallon).
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The Hyundai US site just released the MY23 changes.

Olpucker. The product brochure you had was spot on. At least this is one step closer to MY23 PHEV getting into production. Maybe, by August, I will hear if I am actually getting a vehicle…sometime this century.
Rumour time.

July 6. A Canadian Reddit user reported they were told by their dealership that their Santa Fe PHEV has been ordered and that PHEV production is slated to begin October 2023 for delivery sometime beginning December 2022.

No confirmation of this rumour or verification. Sounds about right for timing but unless Hyundai or my dealership contacts me….I don’t believe anything.
Well here we are…July.

Obviously no one has received any information on their preorders. I’ve seen reports that some who ordered late October and into November are finally getting their vehicles. A member in a Tuscon forum reported their dealership stated there would be zero 2023 Tuscon PHEV deliveries in order for Hyundai to catch up.

A June 11 news article states Santa Fe hybrid production is a year and a half wait. I’m unsure if this is specific to the Korean market only. source

Santa Fe hybrid production is set to begin in October in Alabama so that may be a good sign. PHEV models are still built in Ulsan, Korea.

My blue sky guess is that the portal will finally open in September however I’m really hoping it isn’t a year or more wait from there….that would make it a 20 month wait for me. Seriously would consider moving on if that ere the case.

anyone have any news/guesses/rumours/information?
Well good for you. May I ask how you came to find it and did you pay msrp?
Well son of a….guess where my order for a Santa Fe PHEV sits. I wonder if it will be front loaded with dealer add ons that I didn’t ask for when and if it arrives. Now I know why I have never been called with any alternate choices; the owner wants two sales instead of one. I think I know who you were dealing with. I’m still suspicious about the whole situation though

At least the rebate helped offset the markup for you (I hope there was a rebate).

Did you go over to Coastal about the Escape? And did Lougheed give any thoughts about new car delivery timelines?

enjoy your new ride….think of me still sitting in my lawn chair waiting and waiting and waiting….
July 29 update.

The dealership won’t/can’t tell me anything. I floated many rumours by them for feedback. No PHEV for 2023, allocations instead of fulfilling orders, 18 - 24 month wait from when Hyundai accepts the order ( even if you placed a preorder Jan1, 2022) etc.

nothing. They just shrugged their shoulders.

There was only two things I got out of them. I said HEVs were planned for October production in Montgomery Alabama and that should mean the portal would open September or October for HEV soon followed bt PHEV portal.

all they said was “yeah…that’s typically when we expect it to but nothing is for sure”

the second was when I spotted the shiny new sold Tuscon PHEV…they said the customer ordered that about 11 months ago. So that would be a September 2021 order. Yikes.

oh yes….for the first time they finally did flatly tell me that I’m not getting a vehicle this year. “Maybe first quarter 2023….maybe”. They were sure quick to take my deposit back in January and say “probably will be ordered in May and should have it in the fall.”

They just didn’t tell me which year “fall” was going to be.

sorry for the depressing update.

edit: also asked what my queue number was at the dealership. Somehow the guy who knows is always not in that day. Hopefully 3rd time will be the charm.

edit update: they actually did get back to me….I’m number 4 in the preorder queue at that dealership. So let’s do some crystal ball guess math. There’s 192 Hyundai dealerships in Canada. Let’s guess that 100 of them have Santa Fe PHEV preorders. So during that time period of January 6th when the 2022 portal closed and I placed my January 17 preorder….that would mean I would be in the 300th to 400th Santa Fe PHEV made and delivered to Canada. In 2021 Hyundai Canada sold just over 15 thousand Santa Fe (all trims).

I guess I’m looking at Easter for a new vehicle….15 to 17 months after I ordered.

my math is total guess bs but I have to keep myself entertained while I wait.
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Alleged Canadian 2023 pricing (freight and pdi included. Tax and doc fee extra). Interesting how the provincial rebates affect msrp advertised by the dealerships. It appears the preferred and preferred w/trend have gone down by $100 and $200. Note…this is not official msrp from Hyundai Canada….just what I got from local AB, BC and QC dealership websites. Interestingly Ontario, Saskatchewan and New Brunswick dealerships don't have pricing yet on their websites

Preferred AWD.
$39,723 in QC
$39,224 in BC (2022 was $39,348)
$39,224 in AB

Preferred AWD w/Trend Package.
$41,923 in QC
$41,424 in BC (2022 was $41,648)
$41,424 in AB

Urban AWD.
$44,023 in QC
$43,524 in BC (2022 was $43,148)
$43,524 in AB

Ultimate Calligraphy AWD.
$50,623 in QC
$50,124 in BC (2022 was $50,448)
$50,124 in AB

Hybrid Luxury AWD
$47,223 in QC
$46,724 in BC (2022 was $46,748)
$46,724 in AB

Plug-in hybrid luxury
$52,223 in QC
$51,724 in BC (2022 was $50,724)
$51,724 in AB

Any dealer pricing online may vary dealership to dealership due to their add-ons over MSRP or they just fudged their numbers.

I estimate the luxury plug-in hybrid I preordered in BC has increased $1900 over 2022 pricing (after tax, pdi, doc fees and $7000 EV rebate)
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I am not surprised with the price increases, it does suck that it appears they are tied to rebates. Will have to wait on official pricing and see pricing in other provinces without rebates to really know.
Pricing updated to include Alberta. If you want to go down a conspiracy rabbit hole my salesperson told me back in January that the 2023 model would probably go up by approximately $1000. They were correct did they know that back in January 2022? I don't believe that anyone would know that and if it were known it would have been leaked to media long ago. I think it was an educated/lucky guess.
I put in an order for 2023 Santa Fe Hybrid (non-PHEV) on April 22nd ... I guess based upon the current timelines I am looking at Fall 2023 for the delivery 😂

Which should be the right time to actually go for the refreshed 2024 Santa Fe !!!
You may be close with the fall estimate as hybrids will be made in Montgomery, Alabama beginning October of 22.

The 2024 Hyundai Santa Fe will not be a refresh. It will be more a redesign from what I’m reading. It will be the first Hyundai model to sport the new logo and Hyundai won’t slap that on a plain old refresh. My guess is that it will have its roots in the current platform that it shares with the Kia Sorento but it will be stretched a bit bigger…not as big as the Palisade but “bigger” enough to accommodate a third row seat more comfortably. It may borrow the virtual dash of the Tuscon and continue to come in the five flavours of trims.

it will be meant for the 2 plus 2 kids and a dog family who want a bit more room but don’t want to pay for the more expensive palisade (and wrestle with the longer wheelbase).

it will also capture the 2 plus 4 or 5 kids market who also can’t/don’t want to afford the palisade.

Call it a baby Palisade if you will.

Kia and Hyundai strategy will probably be to capture each other’s “in between - overlap” market instead of going head to head on models.

At least that’s what I think.
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First of all, I'm surprised that you're not getting an update from Hyundai. Did you actually sign a bill of sale or are you just on a wait list? Did you get an order number as well? I should note that I'm in Ontario if that makes a difference.
First of all congratulations that you have a vehicle eventually on its way to you….and a unicorn PHEV too.

If I am correct you are lucky because 2022 orders closed at end of day on January 4th. You got your order in just as the door closed. I ordered January 17 and so I’m in the eternal preorder queue. I’m #4 in preorder queue at my dealership in Vancouver. Best guess is Easter delivery which will be 16 months after I preordered but my fear is the rumours of 18 to 24 months and I pray to Hyundai that it isn’t from time of accepted official order. That would be awful….2 to 3 years wait for me.

Since your car will be landing at Vancouver port I shall sneak in there at night and steal it.

Yes I would set your expectations for January 2023 and if it arrives in December 2022…well then….Merry Christmas.

Please do keep us updated on everything…so far you are one of a few voices of credible information. The rest of preorder folks sit here in our lawn chairs waiting for…anything.
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I ordered my santafe phev at hyundai dixie mississauga on 13th of Dec 2021. They promised me car delivery in Feb 2022. When I went in March the sales manager who had made the promise had left the dealership. I was told to wait a couple of weeks. Here we are in August 2022 with multiple promises. Apparently I'm 13th rank in the system for build. They have stopped promising me dates and instead focusing on telling me how lucky I am..
I've already signed an agreement to trade on my vehicle but I've already sold it so hopefully they don't screwe me over. Once the car comes I'll be recording thr whole thing if they plan to ambush me with above msrp or mess with the new 5k rebate instead of the 2.5 k.
I understand your frustration. Car buyers are on the defensive these days instead of on the offensive (negotiating deals).


1) Did you sign a bill of sale with an agreed upon price and options? The dealership should honour that even though 2023 model prices have increased.

2) The dealership will honour the 5k rebate. It’s money out of their pocket if they don’t.

3). Let’s say the vehicle arrives without something you ordered. Maybe it was the panoramic sunroof. It can happen. You have the option of taking delivery with the cost of the option taken off the price. Most likely the dealership will try to compensate you with a seemingly expensive add on for free….but of little cost to them; free oil changes for example. You can refuse delivery and get back into the wait list at the back of the queue. Or you can walk away. But remember you did sign a bill of sale so know your rights.

4). Dealerships don’t tack on add ons on factory ordered vehicles. They may on allocations that arrived but not on ordered vehicles. They do charge a higher admin fee than gas vehicles because they can. That’s a joke as the paperwork is pretty well the same. It’s what we have to live with in today’s marketplace.

5) The dealership wants to sell the car to you. They get paid when you pay. Let’s say the dealership keeps the car and doesn’t sell it to you. Hyundai will slap a $5000 fine on the dealership and may affect future allocations. Sure with the highly sought after PHEV the dealership could find a buyer will to pay $5000 or more over MSRP….but best not to think about something that probably won’t happen.

6). I will tell you what my salesperson told me. “You are not getting your car this year.”

I know that sounds disappointing. I recommend you get your headspace together and settle on the fact that you may get your car in December or January. EVERYONE is waiting much longer than they thought they would be. If you get it sooner…yay…great!

7). Relax and know that you will get your vehicle months before I do….and I only ordered 1 month after you.

8). Be patient. (Trust me…I get impatient too)
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So, I received my monthly email update from Hyundai today, it says as of Aug 15th they now expect to build the car in Nov 2022.
Good to know. I have plenty of time to plan my heist when you car reaches Vancouver port in December. Merry Christmas to me.

I assume now that I will be getting a 2023 model which we've all heard will be the last year for that design, meaning my new car will be outdated in a year:(. That is my other pet peeve with Hyundai, they don't have a design identity. Their only identity is they guarantee that in two years or less your car will be redesigned and you'll be left with an older looking model (not all new designs are though).
Milton - it's a very nice looking vehicle with lots of buttons. Already Tuscon owners are asking "is there a screen protector for the instrument cluster and infotainment screen?" and "How do you keep the dust and fingerprints off?"

Not us...we gots buttons...lots of buttons like an airplane cockpit. I likes lots 'o' buttons.

Oh cars are outdated before they were even built. (Same as computers)

I've seen spy shots of the new 2024 Santa Fe in camouflage wraps. The body angles remind me of the KIA EV9. It seems cubistic - a lot of straight lines and flat body panels. The seats appear to have more tech (EG: the head rest that can sense a crash and react...yes it's a thing) The headlights appear to be quad set up...or at least larger 2 level design. Hard to see underneath the fabric camo. The rear is quite well disguised so I can't tell if it is squared off or continues the rounded look. From the look of the straight sheet metal flat look of the doors my guess is it is squared off.

It is larger - it has grown in size.

At first glance I'm "meh" and glad that I may, eventually, someday, before the earth explodes and entropy ends...get my 2023 preordered model.

but I'm not counting out entropy ending first.
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Ive had that HSV VIN for over 6 months now,
HSV VIN is Australian. It stands for HSV (Holden Special Vehicles) information. Unless you are in Australia someone is telling you something they are just making up to get you to go away. and HSV / Authenticate Your HSV

The HSV Database website is your complete unofficial source for HSV information, build numbers, specifications, owners community and more...
My bad it was HSC VIN, see screenshot from dealership's system below that i got first week of August. They confirmed it has still not yet been built.

View attachment 2479
Sa4saa16j3ab is the general model identification for the 2022 Hyundai Santa Fe plug-in hybrid. You do not have a VIN yet.

Not to worry. I’ve seen some forum users say they never got notice of a VIN but the dealership called them up out of the blue and said “come get your car”.
I'll let you know the exact date, soon as I get it to make it easier for you.
Very kind of you. I will donate my old car to you to tide you over when your new car “suspiciously” goes missing.
I assume now that I will be getting a 2023 model which we've all heard will be the last year for that design, meaning my new car will be outdated in a year:(. That is my other pet peeve with Hyundai, they don't have a design identity. Their only identity is they guarantee that in two years or less your car will be redesigned and you'll be left with an older looking model (not all new designs are though).
I have a theory to expand on the 2024 redesign of the Santa Fe. Most manufacturers have, allegedly, halted further development of PHEV vehicles and this includes Hyundai. PHEV is a stop gap technology until battery range can affordably (profitably) reassure range anxiety buyers. A phev vehicle has to lug around a gas engine, hybrid technology and EV technology. It isn’t profitable for the manufacturer.

We know the 2024 Santa Fe is going to be larger…in between the Tuscon and the Palisade. We know it is going to sport Hyundai’s new logo. We know the Tuscon is, pretty well, the same size as the current Santa Fe. We know that Hyundai isn’t going to waste unveiling a new logo on a simple redesign. We know that the Santa Fe has been a Hyundai darling vehicle for over 20 years.

So I can see Hyundai rolling out a full EV version of the Santa Fe to compete head to head with the KIA EV9. The Santa Fe is a well-established household name that has a lot of in-built trust. I can see Hyundai dropping a PHEV version and possibly dropping the ICE versions. Hyundai has the palisade for ICE versions on one side and the Tuscon on the other.

There may only be a hybrid and EV version of the Santa Fe in 2024.

If Hyundai keeps the ICE version of the new Santa Fe then it will be to attract buyers who want to look like an EV9 except not as expensive and….burning fossil fuels.

It only makes sense for Hyundai to narrow the variety a bit.

This is based on the early spy shots of the 2024 Santa Fe. That’s my epiphany for the moment.
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