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Hello all I hope you are doing well.
So my 2017 Santa Fe decided to start missing severely hunted down to number one cylinder, hunted that down to bad compression, tried all the normal approaches hoping it was stuck rings(after all gdi and the pcv on this engine goes straight to the intake runner of the first cylinder). No luck so had to bust this guy open to go find our issue and ta- fooking- da we have a burnt valve on cylinder number one, yay problem found but was really hoping for stuck rings.
I have spun wrenches since I was 13, old Fords and Chevys, I even used to rebuild Mazda rotaries, but its been a minute since i've had to bust an engine open and even though I have done valve jobs on old school V-8s I have not done any over head cam valve jobs.
So here is my reason for coming here: what special info am I going to need to know dealing with a bucket lifter and other dohc specific things. I am suspecting as I put things back together I will probably have to locate and order order the right size lifter so that valve lash is correct. Is there anything vastly different in removing the valve.(Big C clamp to compress spring, will have to have fitting for springs being recessed in head, 2 piece retainers etc, thats what I am used to. ) Am I likely to be able to lap this in and get a good seal? i just want to get a handle on what all has changed.
I thank you all in advance for any and all advice. Where would I gget the lifter and how on earth does one go about ordering it?
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