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This will probably come across as "sour grapes" but I love my Santa Fe but do not love the restrictions placed on DIY owners that I learned about during my 3,750 free oil/filter change and the response to concerns that I took to the dealer., as follows:
1. Dealer insinuated that if I do not use a Hyundai filter my warranty might not be valid.
2. Although User Manual indicates that oil/filter changes are every 7,500 miles, Dealer claims Richmond, VA is in an area that calls for changing oil/filter every 3,750 even though I use Mobil 1
3. When using cruise and the transmission down-shifts to maintain speed, both going uphill or downhill, it takes forever to up-shift back to where it was--so much so that I usually cancel cruise so it will up-shift. (Would love to know if other owners have this problem).
4. Every car that I have owned before has had a warning buzzer/bell when passenger seat belt is not buckled when key is on. Service manager said this is normal-- no warning sound for passengers. Is your Hyundai the same?

Would appreciate your input!!!
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