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Hello All;
I have a 2007 SLX 7 seater diesel and it has been the best car I have ever had....just had its tenth birthday the temperature is just getting hot here again and whilst at the lights the aircon on cold I heard a rumbling from the engine bay and noticed the air was no longer cold.

when turned on and off there was minimal sound to indicate clutch part engaged with aid from an assistant I could see the clutch engage and disengage but no change in temperature. Previously it was very obvious when aircon engaged or disengaged.

Now question is where to check now...I have swapped out relays and fuses for the aircon system , the condenser fan turns on and off when aircon engaged. Have you seen how horrid the access is...I changed an alternator once which was challenging but nothing like this looks like.

190K great car but too hot for summer here. any help or ideas appreciated.
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