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Once you have ALL the marks:
-Both CAM shaft points are lined up
-Harmonic Balancer (Crankshaft Pulley) point lined up
-NEW Hydraulic Auto Tensioner installed
-NEW Water pump
-NEW Timing Belt idler pulley
Install belt
Triple check EVERYTHING is lined up,
then pull that pin from the Auto Tensioner.
If you mess up the alignment, you will need to start over AND (I cannot stress this enough) buy a NEW Auto Tensioner.
I learned the hard way thinking I could just use my vise to recess the shaft back inside the Auto Tensioner. I was able to put the original pin back in...but around 500km later I heard this thumping sound. Told my mechanic the noise was coming from the Harmonic Balancer. He said to remove the V-BELT and let it run for a couple seconds, and if you still hear it it's probably bottom-end engine damage. HA
I did some investigating.
First I removed the H.B, and VOILA the timing belt look loose. I suspected that darn Tensioner (that I thought I could reuse) wasn't putting any tension on the belt at all.

That's my 2 cents to anyone reading this.
Spend the $100 or so and buy a NEW one !!!

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