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Acceleration Issues

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My brand new 2017 Santa Fe Limited hesitates badly when coming out of turns and attempting to accelerate...just short of coming to a stop. It is very pronounced when in ECO Mode, but is an issue to a lesser degree in the other two driving modes. Does anyone else have this issue? (I have an appointment soon to get it looked at, but was told that there is no adjustment that they can do.) It is unacceptable and I'm looking to hear if this is a common. The owners manual states that performance in ECO mode is less. But this is very annoying and borders being dangerous. :frown
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You are not alone, i am experiencing the same on my 2017. let us know what happens at the dealership. I have already filled a complaint about it. hopefully they can fix this soon.
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We just purchased the Santa Fe 2017 Ultimate, we love everything about it except that is has the same acceleration challenges you have described.
It is very dangerous when pulling into traffic. We are out of town for a while but when we return, having this corrected will be the main priority.
I'll pass along any information as it becomes available.
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Engine Stumble

Count me on that list, too. 2017 Santa Fe Limited. Serious engine stumbling coming out of rolling stop or after slow speed turn at intersection. Appears to be getting more frequent.
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What do you mean you "filled a complaint?" I talked to the dealer service manager where I bought. He shrugged it off as if there's no problem if there's no service light.
yes, on the NHTSA site, there are three complaints about this issue already. head over and put yours.
I too have the same issue.

It would seem this can be corrected in a software update.

Does anyone have an update?
Same issue

I am experiencing same issues on 2017 Hyundai Santa Fe Limited, with hesitation/jerking from low speeds. Typically when turning.

I took it to the dealer, and they stated "that is the nature of the beast", and was possibly related to the "double clutch transmission". He said it was not a "safety" issue but a "satisfaction" issue. Which I completely disagree with.

I have submitted a complaint to the NHTSA. Hopefully it gets resolved soon. I will try to use sport mode but if it has to be set each time you drive I'm sure will forget at times.
What engines do you all have? The 3.3 V-6..

This doesn't happens on the 16's and there is no difference in transmissions. This combined with the fact drive mode is new for 17 and sport mode resolves, shows this is a programming issue. The TCI does not down shift from 2nd to 1st fast enough in normal and Eco modes. Therefore the throttle electronically stops opening (where you feel the jerk/ loss of power) while it waits for the car to safely shift to 1st. Same thin. Can happen from 3rd to 2nd. They intentionally dealu the shifts for a smooth feel/transition. However the went over board.

I would suspect there will be a TSB Ina couple/few months. We just have to keep filing complaints.
Hyundai America had our 2017 Santa Fe ultimate limited over a month ,same issues,engineers came in to resolve problem,still no solution ours does fine in eco or sport so they returned it to us.They are working on the problem in California and overseas,All the Santa Fes 3.3 2017 appear to have the issue so they are aggressively trying to come up with a solution,hope this helps
That's the best news yet.

Please keep us posted
I, too, have found that the stumbling is most pronounced in regular drive mode. Switching to Sport or Eco does help. But it is still not an acceptable situation. Thanks for the info.
Eco mode has the same issue just not as bad.

Sport does not exhibit the problem at all.

I don't see how this is hard to fix for Hyundai as it is simply changing the program, most likely just the shift point thresholds.

I can only speculate we have not seen a fix such as the one I mentioned because this will change the MPG. They are probably trying to find a way without doing so. However it is simply not possible.

Hey should offer a fix for those who complain and add the fix for 2018 with a a new MPG rating (would be less).
Well I finally noticed the issue in sport mode. So the issue is only suppressed when using it.

I've also noticed a very vague clicking when going down hill around a curve.

Additionally I've noticed pulling in my garage very slow that the car will suddenly jerk like its shifting gears at 1 mph.

I'm not sure if I can keep this car. I out 6k down and am glad I did. Although it will be wasted, I can get out and break even one a sale or trade.

It's honestly too dangerous. I don't even want my wife to drive it.

I'm starting to think the problem is getting worse and it is beyond a programming issue and rather mechanical.

If I get rid of this and this because there is no fix it will have learned the following lessons:

1) you get what you pay for. There's a reason you pay more for a Toyota and Lexus. I have a 2007 Lexus is350 with 141k and the power train runs just the way it did when we got it with 50k.

2) Hyundai power train warranty is just a sales pitch to suck you in. Reason it is 10 years 100k is because the parts are cheap to make and should last 100k. So if something does break they will fight you on it unless your car cannot run. If they do have to replace it, the part is cheap. Now on a Toyota or Lexus the warranty is 5yr/60k or 6yr/70k or 7yr/100k (certified used) because the parts are high quality and because of that they are expensive but expected to last well beyond 150k. Additionally if something breaks the dealer never fights you under warranty and they always fix the problem. If they can't a tsb it recall is always made in a reasonable amount of time.

3) when a car comes with safety features like automatic breaking when other more reputable cars don't and can even cost more, it's because they went cheap on something else to prvide you with an option no one else can at a cheaper price. This is a sales tactic to suck you in.
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After hyundai returned our santa fe after having it over a month my wife keeps it in eco mode ,not finding any issues,It is a dog in eco mode and the Hyundai motor america engineers in cal. and korea still say they will come up with a solution,I agree totally unsafe in regular mode,the dealer Hyundai NPR Florida has been awsome trying to get problem resolved and is very understanding that this is a serious issue,Techs and Engineers know the problem and have replaced alot of items on our vehicle,they think now maybe some type of G force sensor,or reprogram software,Hyundai America offered to buy back our santa fe (full refund)however the time we had a rental while working on a fix,we found nothing with all the tech and the style my wife liked even the lexus,mercedes,and acura at any price,I think they will find a fix,hopefully sooner than later,We really loved our 2013 sport turbo no issues for 4 years
Engine Stumble

Brand new - less than 1000 miles. 2017, 3.3L

Wife was telling me about the engine stumble.

She took it to the dealer. She said it happened 4 times on the way to the dealer.

They shrugged it off and told her it was normal and she would need an appointment for them to look at it further.

Filed complaint on NHTSA
My car is the 2017 Santa Fe Sport 2 liter turbo and I had this issue today. It happened while driving in normal mode. Coming out of a turn (parking lot) and the car just seemed to lose all power. I thought it stalled. Later that day I noticed it happened again but less pronounced and I saw the traction control light was illuminating. The car has less then 500 miles on it.
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