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Hey All,

I have a 2021 Santa Fe SEL with convenience package. It has wireless Apple Car play but lately there are issues with it constantly disconnecting to an iPhone XR when using the map & navigation. This stops the navigation/map display but then if you press map it comes up again, but then quickly disconnects again. This does happen intermittently but it's on the order of 50% of the time and is frustrating. The advice from the dealer was to ensure any updates on the iPhone were completed. Obvious remedies like restarting the phone and disconnecting / reconnecting to Apple Car Play have been tried.

Any other advice? Thanks!

Second question - is there a way to have audio stop going to Apple Car Play mode from Radio when the phone is in use? What happens is if I'm driving and my wife is using her phone (the connected iPhone XR) it will change the mode from Radio to Apple Car play depending on what app she's currently using (almost like it's getting ready for that to be the audio source about to be played). Avoiding this would be fantastic to not constantly have to hit radio again and again when the mode changes!
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