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KANANASKIS, Alberta – The smoke casts an eerie pall through which the sun glows with the dim muster of a 60-watt bulb. The fallout from more than 500 out-of-control B.C. wildfires, the noxious haze has virtually obliterated the horizon – the Kananaskis mountains reduced to a faint outline above the apocalyptic landscape.

If there’s one thing that remains perfectly clear, however, it’s that the vehicle we’re driving is very good.Sleeker, more luxurious, and boasting a substantial roster of safety technology, the all-new, fourth-generation Hyundai Santa Fe arrives for 2019 as a five-seat model replacing the former Santa Fe Sport. The larger seven-seat Santa Fe XL will be phased out and replaced with an entirely new crossover by 2020 (it’s rumored to be called the Palisade).
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