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Thanks to all members of this community for reviewing this thread, i recently purchased a CPO 2017 Santa fe Sport AWD base model, had about 37K miles on it and was a rental prior to it. When i did a test drive around the dealership, i did not get a chance to drive it at a highway or speeds above 40 so i did not notice a consistent rotor like sound that comes around 40 miles per hour and becomes even more loud as it is accelerating and stays like that at a high speed. It is almost like a motor running in the back which is so uncomfortable and coupled with the wind noise it is very annoying. When the car is idling it is completely quiet, so quiet one probably wont realize the engine is running, but the moment the speed is at around 35, 40 the noise comes in. I am not sure what is causing it, so i called the service, they asked to bring the car in which i am taking next friday, but in the mean time i wanted to seek some advice from fellow owners to see if anyone knows about a similar issue or have seen something like this in their cars or a friend's car maybe.

Any help is appreciated.

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