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2017 Santa Fe 2.4L FWD

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Hello. I just purchased this vehicle, and really like it -- it has 91k on it. however i noticed when i go over average bumps in the road that imo an SUV like this should glide over (feeling), I notice like the suspension is intermittently bottoming out a lot in the rear (i'll hear and feel that thump, and rocking chair sound for a sec). It is likely i just need to replace common Struts/Shocks in front and rear?, or can anyone recommend an upgrade or special parts that made a really nice difference for you?

Thanks !
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The severity of these cars (mine's an '018) when they hit a bump likens to a cargo plane landing in my rear, only complaint I have about them. Good tires and new shocks will make a difference if you're keeping the car. I'm hanging on with new Michelin tires (50% improvement) and turning the radio up on a "classical" station lol
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Cool thanks. Maybe someday I'll run into a cool tune that will make it seem like night and day
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