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For 2016, Kia has redesigned the Sorento, this despite just two years having elapsed since the last major update.

We had three primary complaints about the outgoing Sorento -- access to the third row was awkward, the styling was too subtle, and we wanted to see Kia's nifty turbocahrged four-cylinder engine under the hood -- and Kia seems to have addressed all three of those concerns in the new model. Stand the old Sorento side-by-side with the new one and you'd be hard pressed to tell them apart at a glance, but a more thorough investigation shows that Kia has done their homework.
Added Interior Space

The biggest change is that the Sorento is bigger. Kia stretched both the overall length (by 3 inches) and the wheelbase (by 3.1 inches) in order to increase the Sorento's interior capacity; they also dropped the Sorento's floorpan by two inches, though the roofline is a half-inch closer to the ground and headroom compared to the old Sorento is pretty much a wash.

Despite the bigger body, room in the (now optional) third-row seat isn't really any better; it's still an occasional-use perch for children and compact adults. Getting back there is marginally easier, though if you're over 30, we'd still recommend a few stretching exercises before giving it a try. Second-row space is likewise nearly unchanged, save for a slight increase in legroom and a slight decrease in width. But it's still a supremely comfortable place to ride and we were pleased to see details like back-seat A/C controls in higher trim levels.

So where did that extra space go? Most of it went to the cargo area, which now offers an impressive 39 cubic feet of space behind the second row seat (up from 36.9 in last year's Sorento). With the third row seat in place there's now 11 cubic feet of space; that's only two cubes more than the old car, but a bit of extra length means you can now squeeze in small suitcases stood on end rather than just a few grocery bags. And Kia has lined the cargo bay with strong scuff-resistant carpets, so you can let the kids pack the heavy suitcases.
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