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Well here goes. I bought my wife the aforementioned 2015 Sport and pretty much like everything else I own for more than 2 weeks I'm getting the itch. So I have been looking around and have noticed that for the most part everyone is upgrading their lights to LEDs, which will probably come but for now I'm interested in adding a couple things that I hope aren't awful but it must have been done by now.
1) My wife would like the side turn signal indicators and I've seen on the upper trim models the light on the mirrors. Is it possible to add that to mine without major modifications?
2)Fog lights. I really like the look of the factory ones since they have that nice strip that mimics the headlamps. Same questions.

My definition of "major modifications" is going into vehicle programming or anything that involves cutting metal. I'm not opposed to it (15 years custom 12v experience) but my wife is so its all about making sure she's happy. You know the old saying, Happy wife, I got no life. So anyone can point me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance!
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