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Hi everyone,

I have been considering purchasing the 2015 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport. I am new to the Hyundai Community and wanted to reach out.

Here is an article I found helpful but I wanted to get opinions from those who have first hand experience.

If you guys could let me know your experience with this vehicle It would be greatly appreciated.

Also I have two small children and safety is a big factory in my purchase.


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Hi NYWP and welcome to the forum. I see a half dozen quick posts in rapid fire with little information about your location or priorities for a vehicle. Perhaps if you filled out your profile with some details . . and gave us a little information about what you want your new vehicle to do for you and your priorities for the vehicle . . we could gove you more meaningful replies.
BTW . . I really wanted a Subaru Outback but there appeared to be way too many issues with the new 2015 model and I decided against the outback in favour of the SFS. After 5,000km I couldn't be happier with my decision/choice!

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