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2013 Santa Fe GLS acceleration issue

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I just bought a 2013 Santa Fe GLS 6 cyl AWD and love it so far. However, I have a slight issue with the acceleration when I took it for a test drive and wonder if someone can share anything.

During the test drive, the salesman told me to give it some gas so I basically floored it when I was already going about 30 mph. Right when I put the pedal down, the SUV started to shake significantly and the RPM's went all the way to 7000, acceleration evened out, and the rpm's went down to about 3000, at which time it evened itself out and I could continue driving. It all took just a few seconds to get back to normal. This happened three separate times that I basically floored it.

The salesman said that the shaking was the tires bouncing as they were spinning on the dry road and the RPM issue was the AWD transmission trying to correct itself after the tires started to spin.

Anyone else experience this or have any input?
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