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2013 Santa Fe 2.4L

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Hi: My name is Kevin and I have purchased a lease return 2013 Santa Fe Sport AWD 2.4L White. So far I am Lovin it.
Just as info it snowed the day after I bought the car and it does really well in the snow. Great service from Hyundai
After a month with the 2013 which was used and slightly marred i traded it for a brand new 2014 Santa Fe Sport. I should have done this in the beginning as I am a picky meticulous fussy individual and I could not live with the fact that 100s of different drivers had driven the car when it was a rental. As i paid close attention to things like the paint (chips) and interior snags in the seats. Not to go on and on about the whole episode I can now state that I am one HAPPY person and the SFS is just a beautiful piece of art and craft.
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