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Hello all,

Was driving my wife's Santa Fe tonight..began hearing a rattling noise behind the instrument panel. I thought it was an acorn rolling around the outside trim. When I stopped and checked it out the noise could not be heard from under the hood. Back inside the car it sounded like a laptop computer trying to boot a CD from behind the speedo. I turned the engine off and the noise went away. I then pushed the start button with my foot off the break to turn on the electrics. The car when through its self check with no noise then it started again behind the gauges. Best description I can give is that it again sounds like a laptop trying to read a CD over and over, loud enough to hear over the radio. Its not an engine noise, makes it when engine is off and car is stopped so not a wind noise or anything loose either. Just like something electrical is stuck in boot mode or something. Any help would be appreciated.

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