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Hello SF lovers, need some help/advice. Have a 2007 limited, with 3.5 L engine, less than 100k miles. Had the famous alternator issue 3 years ago, oil leaking, causing destruction of alternator and demobilizing the car. Begged both dealership and Hyundai to replace, citing it was a design defect...these guys refused to do so.
Ended buying an alternator from Auto zone and spending several days changing the alternator.
A year later notified that there is a recall to replace the alternator and valve cover gaskets free of cost. I still have a significant oil leak that needs to be fixed. I would like Hyundai to reimburse me for the alternator fix that I have paid for, and also fix the oil leak. Has anyone been in a similar situation and gotton a reimburse + partial fix from Hyundai? Thanks for your feedback
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