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Hi forum users. I hope to add some useful info. For now, I could use some guidance.
I have a 2007 AWD 3.3. I had a bad abs sensor pop up after having my rear hubs done a year back. I changed one rear abs sensor, left-rear and all was good. Afterwards, the abs light came on again.
I left things as they were for the winter and decided to change my front-right hub as it was getting noisy. That was done a month ago.
I also changed the steering rack plus both outer rods and got the front aligned. That was done 2 weeks ago.
I purchased a reader and it showed open ground codes for the rear (1206 and 1209) so I ordered 2 sensors and replaced them. One of the old ones, the right one, was damaged and the left seemed fine but I changed both and checked the tooth-gear for cracks. They look fine.
The codes stayed and the abs light-esc light would lite up after a few turns of the steering wheel. I do not see a harness at the base of the steering shaft so I expect there is a clock-spring sensor under the steering wheel.
I have tried to re-center the steering wheel procedure (turn full left-right then cycle engine key on and off a few times).
As the car felt otherwise fine, I drove from Toronto to Boston with absolutely no issues. In Boston, after many short trips to and from the hotel to malls, food, etc. my abs started to activate as soon as I touched the brakes. I pulled the #19 fuse from the engine compartment and continued driving.
So, new sensors and still have the codes 1206 and 1209, esc light and brake light plus "check engine" on as the removal of the #19 fuse shuts off all esc activity and that affects the abs as well. I replaced the fuse and the brake and engine light went off but the esc light comes on after I turn the steering wheel a few times. I am concerned about driving with the fuse in place as it may set off the abs again so I am driving without it.

The code reader indicated no input from the steering wheel so I am worried my clock spring may be pooched also.
I am wondering if there is a larger problem with the harness or abs computer (is there one?).
I would like to have everything working properly before the snow flies.
is there a proper way of re-centering the steering wheel after an alignment?
Any help will be appreciated.

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