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Hello new santa fe owner here I recently became the owner of a 2006 santa fe GLS AWD. Ive got a few questions ide love to figure out

First the vehicle has got the factory heated leather seats but the drivers heated seat is not working. I tested the wires for the seat and it’s getting power. I heard something about a thurmostat in the seat somewhere. Can anyone shed some light on the issue. Here in Canada we have farly cold winters so ide love to get the seat working again

Second im wondering if normal LED bulbs (sylvania/osram zevo) will work in the tail lights. I want to use them in the reverse lights and break lights. I had the zevo bulbs in my previous vehicle and found them very good (3157 bulb type), i know hyundai uses the old bayonet base bulbs so im wondering is they will work in the santafe. Does anyone have any ideas what bulb sizes for the dome lights/map lights i would like to go to LEDs

Does anyone know of any common problems i should be aware of with the 06 GLS 2.7L V6 AWD? Any insight would be great
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