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Hey guys,

So my mom recently purchased a 2004 Santa Fe 3.5L and it has now started leaking gas from the fuel pressure regulator hose. The dealer she bought it from is kind of sketchy and seems to have rigged up cheap fixes on the vehicle in various spots. It looks like the OEM hose was replaced with just a basic 3/8 hose with two hose clamps and it is not working, it seems as the pipe coming from the regulator is smaller than the pipe on the other side. I will post pictures of what it looks like. I found the part number online for the fuel pressure regulator which is (35301-39010). For some reason I am unable to find the part number for the hose. Today I went to our local Hyundai dealer and tried to have the guy in the parts department find the hose and he was unable to. Attached you will also find the diagram for the 3.5L with the fuel pressure regulator circled and it does not show a hose. If anyone can help it would be much appreciated!

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