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2003 Custom Chopper by Mid-West Choppers

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2003 Mid-West Custom Chopper Motorcycle
  • Showroom Condition!
  • Built by Chip Mylier, Mid-West Choppers
  • Pearl Color
  • Actual Sting Ray Skin Seat!
  • 116ci / 1940cc Engine
  • Avalon 280 Rear Tire
  • Belt Drive Transmission
  • Approx. 1,200 Miles

Asking $16,950

Buyer is responsible for shipping and hauling (if out of state or area).

Thank you!

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Lowered price!

Lowered price!
That is a beautiful bike! I'm not into bikes that much (at least not ones with motors), but I have a few friends around here that are...I'll send them your direction.

Good luck selling!
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