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I can see there is no postings for the troubles for the Santa Fe 2.0turbo. So I will place my complaint here:
I have a 2013 Santa Fe 2.0 turbo AWD. My wife is the primary driver of this car,, and while she loved it at first, last weekend she was just about run over by traffic trying to get to the side of the freeway after the vehicle died while she was driving in the number lane at 70mph. We called Hyundai roadside service and they would not tow thee car back to the dealer some 48 miles away. They would not tow the car at all. The car was not going anywhere due to the engine not starting. We did have the vehicle towed back to the dealer at my expense. Bottom line was Hyundai will not do the right thing. With broken valves and broken spark plug they will not replace the engine! There is now debris inside the engine from the failed components and unknown where they are located inside the engine. Since the broken valve was on the #2 cylinder (FYI this seems to be a popular valve to break ) Hyundai claims it went thru the exhaust system. They will not certify this and will not replace the turbo charger. The turbo is connected to the exhaust system. Hyundai claims they do not have to honor their warranty, but they will replace only items that are broken. This does not solve the problem! The engine most likely will fail again according to what I have read, and since they will not certify that there is no (FOD) foreign object damage on the internal side of the engine does not say much for Hyundai nor it's dealers. I asked for a loaner car, Hyundai said no!! This due to my wife being handicapped and needing a vehicle like the Santa Fe so she can drive to work and other places. Hyundai's response was "IT'S NOT OUR FAULT YOUR WIFE IS HANDICAPPED AND CAN NOT DRIVE A SMALLER VEHICLE"!!!!! WHAT!!!! Such compassion from a major car manufacturer. Hyundai is discriminating against people who have disabilities!! THIS IS A MAJOR VIOLATION OF ADA LAWS!!! Beware of their warranty as well, car is only covered for 5yrs 60K miles. The 100K warranty is only for engine, not the electrical components, A/C, ECM, alternator, transmission nor cooling system. So they lie about having the best warranty in AMERICA. They do not. You are better off purchasing an extended warranty or better still buying another vehicle all together! I now have a $40K paperweight as my wife will not drive nor place our grand kids in this car again. She no longer trusts it. HYUNDAI PLACES PROFITS BEFORE CUSTOMERS OR CUSTOMER SAFETY. Over 8yrs of this problem no recalls and still selling the same engine in the same vehicles. Also I will be taking a big monetary hit on this vehicle! CARFAX will have it on file (via VIN#) catastrophic engine failure. The 2013 Santa Fe is already taking a big hit due to the engine failures, can't give em away, now with this moniker on the vehicle it is for sure it is no longer worth anything. Another problem I can not legally sell this car knowing the possible engine failure due to possible contamination of the internal parts of this engine. This again is on the CARFAX ,about the problems with the engine we currently have. Hyundai is not willing to handle business, they want me to just go away, well that is unlikely. If you own one of these Santa Fe's especially the 2.0 turbo AWD, make sure it is serviced at the dealer and often as Hyundai will try to tell you that you failed to maintain the service requirements, and if you are thinking of buying one? RUN FAST AND FAR AWAY AS POSSIBLE IN THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION!!!


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