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17 Sport Turbo Head Unit Bricked

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I saw the recent posts about being able to update the firmware to accommodate Apple CarPlay. I downloaded the update from the Hyundai website for my specific vehicle and halfway through the update it froze and referred me to the customer care email. At the dealer now and they are saying that I'll have to replace the entire thing on my dime?!? Anything I can do to get the head unit in service mode and reset the firmware or complete the update? My wife told me to wait and just take it to the dealer but all the diy posts you see online about the update made me think I could do it. God help me if she was right... Anyone have any ideas?!
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There is another Santa Fe forum where the user was able to get it to work. It has something to do with a combo of issues. Where the package was downloaded from (PC or Mac) and the type/size of the drive. Google 2017 Santa Fe owners forum and it should come up just under this one in the first page listings.

Let us know how it works for you. I just bought my 2017 Santa Fe limited ultimate and I would love to be able to use CarPlay.

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