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Howdy folks! I have a 2004 GLS 2.7L V6 Santa Fe. I am the original owner and am over-zealous about keeping my paperwork, so I either remember or have records of everything that has ever been done to my car. Now, for the current issue (and I hope I'm posting this in the right place...)

I am hearing a clunking/grinding noise from the front steering, or possibly suspension, of my car. When I turn either left or right at slow speeds (its especially bad turning into parking spaces), there is a repetitive clunking/grinding/knocking noise (think the type or repetitive noise of the clicking of the gas cap if you keep turning it). I can feel the knocks/clunks in the steering wheel, and at its worst, through the floor. Additionally, this noise only happens in warm weather. I live in Texas, so that can be literally any time of year. Two visits to the mechanic at the end of summer resulted in replacing the sway bar mount bushings, and then replacing the front struts and strut plates. Each time, the noise ceased for a few days, but ultimately returned. Then, autumn came, the weather cooled, and the noise went away. Now, the lovely Texas weather has been in the 80s the last two days, and the noise has returned. Any suggestions I can share with the mechanic? They seem to be scratching their heads at where to look next.
I should also add that the mechanic has noted that the rack and pinion is leaking from the passenger bellows boot-seal, and will need to be replaced at some point (although I haven't been loosing enough power steering fluid to justify doing this just yet). Otherwise, my old car has held up pretty well. This noise is just making me crazy!

Thanks folks! Any help is greatly appreciated!
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