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  1. 4th Generation Santa Fe (2019+)
    Hi everyone, I have santa fe 2022 2.5 turbo engine, DCT, and AWD, my MPG is always around 20MPG(mixed), and in the city goes down to 16MPG. I'm not a crazy driver and prefer smooth starts and stops, during long rides on the highway it can get to 24MPG in the best case. It's defiantly worse...
  2. 4th Generation Santa Fe (2019+)
    Hello All, New to the forum. I recently put an order in for the 2022 Santa Fe Ultimate Calligraphy (White/beige interior) on February 9/22. The dealership I dealt with here (ON Canada) quoted a wait time of 3 to 4 months but they have seen them come in much sooner. It’s so hard to find any kind...
1-2 of 2 Results